What's involved?

What’s involved?

Trainers help deliver the practical skills needed to recognise and respond to cardiac arrest.  A Heartwize session includes;

  • A short introduction with some basic facts                                                       

  • A short video

  • Practical training in small groups of 5 -6 using the DRS ABC mnemonic

      • Danger

      • Response

      • Shout

      • Airway

      • Breathing

      • CPR

Trainees are guided through each of the stages above using their own individual manikin.  The group will also use a trainer AED (Automated External Defibrillator).   The session concludes with an opportunity to learn and practise the recovery position.

Each session lasts approximately one hour

How to become a Heartwize volunteer trainer

Let us know that you are interested in becoming a volunteer trainer by completing a  Trainer Registration Form.  On receipt we will send out some information for you to look through that includes information on our short training process – this is not at all onerous, often matches skills individuals already use, and for many is just to ensure that Heartwize training is delivered consistently.  At this point you will also receive a schedule of training events and are invited to let us know when you might like to come along.  There is no requirement to commit to a specific number of sessions, we realise that for many people that would be impossible.  Once accepted as a Heartwize trainer you will be given access to the Trainers Forum on the website which houses the interactive schedule to book onto sessions and other useful information.


If you would like to become a volunteer for Heartwize Essex please find more information here.

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